Carly Agar

Founder & CEO,
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How To Land A Job In Customer Success

This training is for you if:

You want to break into Customer Success from another field.

✅ You want to start gaining momentum in your job search TODAY.

✅ You've been applying to Customer Success jobs but have barely gotten any interviews.

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"I already nailed 2 interviews for later this week just using a technique from the first video!"

"I can honestly say with confidence that I could not have gotten the role I was just offered without your advice. And FREE advice at that."

"Thank you so much Carly! This made me realize that I need to course correct and rethink my strategies.."

"I feel like this is such a breath of fresh air!"

"Your trainings have all been SO high quality and engaging!"

"This was awesome and so inspiring."

"I attend a lot of free trainings and this was seriously the BEST training I have ever been to. You give so much practical and actionable advice!"