Land a highly competitive Customer Success job

… even if you have no direct experience!

The 1-on-1 mentorship that has placed 100+ career changers in their first Customer Success jobs

Land a competitive Customer Success job even if you have no direct experience.

Discover the 1-on-1 mentorship that has helped 100+ career changers land their first Customer Success jobs in less than 3 months.

Tell me, do any of these sound like you?

“I feel like I’ve tried everything. I’m tired of doing the same things over and over again just to fill up my inbox with rejection emails.”

“I know I’d be a great fit for Customer Success, why won’t anyone just give me a chance?!”

“I haven’t made any progress. Maybe this just isn’t possible for me.”

“There are so many people applying to these jobs. How am I ever going to stand out?”

If you answered YES to any of the above.. you're in the right place!


The Customer Success Career Accelerator ("CSCA")

✔️ Translate your experience to Customer Success and sell your transferable skills

✔️ Stand out in a crowded pool of applicants and get consistent interviews

✔️ Show up confidently in interviews so you get the job offer

"The Customer Success Career Accelerator has been one of my best personal and professional investments. It took me from a position of weakness where my inner critic was in charge and gave me the confidence to challenge negative thoughts. I feel so lucky I stumbled upon your LinkedIn profile one day. I am so grateful for your time invested in creating such great content. You inspire me to get out the best I can."


- Malvina S.
(Transitioned from Business Development to Customer Success)
"It was the best investment I have ever made, and it was worth 10 times the cost at least. So if you are on the fence about joining the Customer Success Career Accelerator program, I understand how you feel. I was there too, but trust me when I say that's absolutely worth it, jump in with both feet and take advantage of this incredible opportunity."


- Athif M.
(Transitioned from Support to Customer Success)

Hear what our graduates have said about their time in CSCA:

- Faith P.
(Transitioned from Education to Customer Success in 28 days)
- Athif M.
(Transitioned from Technical Support to Customer Success in 60 days)
- Tiffany P.
(Transitioned from Operations to Customer Success in 40 days)

When you join us inside CSCA, you'll get:

4 Hours of 1-On-1 Coaching

with our incredible team of Customer Success career experts WHEN you need it most. (Like, the day before an interview.. or the second you get an interview assignment.)

  • Upon joining us, you’ll get a Calendly link to grab time with a coach whenever you need it. Sessions are available M-F between 7am-8:30pm ET.
  • You can use the four hours at your discretion.. Want to chat for 30 mins? Cool! Want to grab 60 minutes to prepare for a big final round interview? No problem!
  • Your four hours don’t expire until 1 year after you’ve signed up for the Accelerator. Why? Because we want to set you up for a successful career, not just land a job. That means if you have hours left over after getting an offer, you can still grab time with us to help you in your new role!

2 Rounds of Resumé Feedback

Seriously, it’s time to stop editing your resumé over and over again...

  • Upon joining us, you’ll get TWO rounds of resumé feedback from an ACTUAL hiring manager or recruiter in Customer Success.
  • And let’s be clear.. when we say feedback.. We don’t just mean a couple bullet points. We are going word by word, line by line, letting you know what to add, remove, change, reword in your resumé.. So that the final version highlights you as a strong candidate for all Customer Success roles.

Unlimited Email Support

We’re here to PUSH you forward, not keep you stuck. Got a quick question? Send us an email! Want a second set of eyes on your application before you submit it? Send us an email! Want help crafting a networking message? Boom, email!

  • You have unlimited access to us via email (M-F) until you accept a job offer!
  • It’s like having a team of Customer Success veterans in your pocket that you can call on anytime..

Job Search Action Plan

Every minute you spend thinking “what should I spend time on today?” or “what am I supposed to be doing to move my job search forward?”... is a waste of your time AND energy! Allow us to take that burden off you with a step by step action plan.

  • When you join us inside CSCA, you’ll get a Customer Success Career Accelerator roadmap outlining EXACTLY what actions you should take each week.
  • Your roadmap is intentionally laid out so you can easily fit CSCA into your schedule. It doesn’t matter if you have two hours or twenty hours a week to dedicate to your job search.
  • Think of it as an expertly designed to-do list!

Lifetime Access to the CSCA Modules


Take a peek inside...

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Module 1:

Boost your job search productivity

Inside Module 1, You’ll Learn:

  • How to gain momentum without burning out or spending all your free time applying to jobs.
  • What job search activities are worth and not worth your time.
  • Which roles and titles you should be looking out for and which ones to avoid, PLUS how to interpret job descriptions.
  • Which job boards are most effective AND the proper way to use them.. (This one might surprise you!)

Module 2:

Translate your sellable skills

Inside Module 2, You’ll Learn:

  • How to translate your past work experience to Customer Success.
  • Which of your skills and experiences are worth highlighting.. And which ones aren’t as relevant.
  • How to SELL why you’re a good fit for Customer Success jobs.. And say “BYE BYE!” to imposter syndrome.

Module 3:

Winning first impressions

Inside Module 3, You’ll Learn:

  • The quickest, most effective way to make your Resumé, Cover Letters and LinkedIn profile grab the attention of recruiters.

Module 4:

Secure interviews via networking

Inside Module 4, You’ll Learn:

  • How to get interviews in an oversaturated market without tailoring your resumé for every job.
  • How to use networking to get more interviews: Who to network with (and who NOT to network with), What to say when networking, When to network, What channels to network on and more!
  • The EASIEST way to skip the pre-screen and go right into a hiring manager interview.

Module 5:

Interview with confidence

Inside Module 5, You’ll Learn:

  • How to be CONFIDENT in any interview and sell your transferable skills.
  • What to expect in every step of the Customer Success interview process (who you'll meet, what they'll ask you, etc.).
  • How to differentiate yourself from other candidates so you stand out as #1 and get the offer.

Oh my gosh the accelerator is worth every penny and you are PHENOMENAL. Thank you so, so, so much! I am feeling much more confident about my interview now!

I'm so excited to see what the next few weeks will bring! I'm so elated that 24 hours into using your tools I've already gotten further in the process than I was before.

BUT WAIT.. there's more.
You'll also get these EPIC bonuses (for free!)

Lifetime access to ALL of Aspireship's foundations programs. Get an industry-recognized CSM certification on us (normally $180)!

Templates for Customer Kick-off calls, Business Reviews and Success plans (hello, easy interview tasks and presentations!)

40+ of the most common Customer Success interview questions (with guided answers!)

Customer Success Interview Roadmap.. learn exactly what to expect in every round, plus what each interviewer will be looking for!

Hear what our graduates have said about their time in CSCA:

- Anita N.
(Transitioned from Education to Customer Success)
- Steven Z.
(Transitioned from Hospitality to Customer Success)
- Gina S.
(Transitioned from Sales to Customer Success)

I just did the 2 rounds of resume review with Dan and it was simple, straightforward, and I feel really confident about the results.

To be honest, this is the most confident I've ever felt about my resume... Your feedback has been amazing!!!

The VP/hiring manager  told me that he interviewed 5 former teachers including me and I was at the top of the list of being able to translate my previous experience to a role in CS, especially to the interviewers who don't have a background in education.Your resources and structure for breaking down my answers are what I give credit to, so thank you!!

THE INTERVIEW COULDN'T HAVE GONE ANY BETTER! Somewhere in a dark, rainy alley, the imposter syndrome is in the fetal position, licking its wounds! The hiring manager said to me, “You sound like you know more about the CSM role than most CSM’s we’ve interviewed!”

Tarek was awesome and made me feel like I really can do this! He was super friendly and he gave very good interview advice. I really valued the time I spent talking with him.

Waqas made me feel so supported in this process and that I will be confident and well-prepared for my interview tomorrow! Thank you so much, Waqas!

Olivia was amazing and made me feel so at ease. I feel VERY prepared for my interview tomorrow, and I am incredibly grateful for her guidance. Thank you, Olivia!

Meeting with Max was SO helpful in helping me feel prepared and confident for my interview presentation. He gave great feedback and I feel like I got so much value out of my time with him!

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