The 6 real reasons why your resume isn't working (and how to fix them)

job search resumés Jun 25, 2024
The 6 real reasons why your resume isn't working (and how to fix them)




Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Just why the heck is your resume not converting into interviews? In this episode, I am sifting through the outdated advice and overwhelming information that’s flooding the job market.

We’ll dive into the six most common outdated beliefs about resumes. If you’re clinging to any of these, it’s likely they’re the culprits sabotaging your job search. I’ll challenge these beliefs, explain why they’re holding you back, and introduce fresh, effective perspectives that will revolutionize your approach to resume writing.

By the end of this episode, you'll not only have a new understanding of what makes a customer success resume truly effective, but you’ll also walk away with clear, actionable steps that you can apply immediately to enhance your resume and boost your chances of landing those interviews.


Topics covered on resumes:

  • Why it’s ok to have gaps in your resume and how to turn those gaps into strengths
  • How to opitimize your resume for readability 
  • Do you really need to be keyword-stuffing your resume? 
  • How to quantify your impact, even without specific KPIs, using guesstimates and directional numbers
  • Why explicitly mentioning the "obvious" aspects of your experience is essential
  • How to include older, seemingly irrelevant roles and why these experiences might offer valuable skills for your current job hunt
  • Why you need to spell out your responsibilities, rather than relying on job titles alone


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