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Land A Customer Success Job In 2023


Learn how to stand out in today’s crowded job market and position yourself as the BEST candidate for the role... regardless of how much competition there is.


Nail Your Customer Success Interviews


Ready for the next step in your Customer Success career? Discover the easiest and most effective way to prepare for interviews, so you set yourself up to get an offer.


This training is for you if...

  • You want to land a Customer Success job but you don’t have direct experience OR you have limited (1-2) years experience.
  • You find yourself asking, "How am I ever going to get picked for an interview when there’s 1000s of people going after the same jobs… and some are more qualified than me?"
  • You're ready to get off the hamster wheel of application automated rejection (or, worse, no response!)

This training is for you if...

  • You know you could thrive in Customer Success, but you have a hard time articulating WHY in interviews.
  • You've had a few first or second round interviews, but you rarely make it to the last round.
  • You're ready for the next step in your Customer Success career, but feel like you keep being passed over for candidates with more experience

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Check out what our past attendees have to say:

I already nailed 2 interviews for later this week just using a technique from the first video!

Thank you so much Carly! This made me realize that I need to course correct and rethink my strategies.

I can honestly say with confidence that I could not have gotten the role I was just offered without your advice. And FREE advice at that.

I attended your CS classes last month and the information I learned was invaluable. I can't believe you gave all that away for free!

Thank you SO much for offering and leading the free webinar series about landing a job in customer success... I feel more prepared with tangible tasks to help me better approach my job search. I can't say thank you enough for the shift in perspective!

I attend a lot of free trainings and this was seriously the BEST training I have ever been to. You give so much practical and actionable advice!

I feel like this is such a breath of fresh air!

Your trainings have all been SO high quality and engaging!

This was awesome and so inspiring.

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