How to avoid a bad fit role (PART ONE)

career paths interviews job search Jun 04, 2024
How to avoid a bad fit role (PART ONE)




Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Is there a way to avoid landing in a 'bad fit' role? While we never intend to mismatch with our new role, it can happen. To help you steer clear of this in the future, I am sharing critical factors to consider before saying "yes" to a job offer.

We'll explore seven key factors that can make or break your job satisfaction and success—ranging from evaluating your future manager and upward mobility to understanding the day-to-day responsibilities, company culture, industry, and even the clients you'll be dealing with. 

So, tune in and get ready to take the necessary steps to avoid those bad-fit roles and ensure that your next job is not just a means to live but a part of a life you love.


Topics covered on how to avoid a bad fit role: 

  • The two common mistakes I see alot of people make that lead them into bad fit roles
  • Getting to know who your future manager will be and their management style
  • How to assess the potential for career growth within the company
  • Taking into account the necessary tools and data you need to feel success in your role
  • Considering the nitty-gritty, day-to-day activities of the role so that they align with your skills, interests and what you enjoy doing daily
  • Looking at the company’s culture and how well it fits your personality and working style
  • Thinking about the industry the company operates in
  • Knowing who your clients are going to be and if you would enjoy working with them


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