Are you on the right career path?

career paths professional development Mar 12, 2024
Are you on the right career path?



Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Do you think you are on the right career path? Or are you just following what you think you are supposed to do? Well, I have some hot takes to share with you!

In this episode, I will discuss why you need to make intentional career choices that reflect your personal strengths and goals. I will also highlight the versatility within customer success career pathways and explore the rise of TechTouch in customer success careers.

Are you ready for a fresh perspective on career paths and how you can apply it to your own career path? Then this is the episode for you!


Topics covered on the right career path:

  • Exploring the common career progression as a CSM and broadening your mind to other career paths 
  • How to understand what you truly enjoy about your current role as a CSM
  • The alternative roles to consider in your CSM career
  • Finding your ‘why’ and the importance of being purposeful with your career path
  • Why I’m obsessed with Tech Touch customer success and the career opportunities in this field 
  • The lessons that have been learned by other CSMs who have found themselves taking unaligned promotions


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