Customer Success Interview Presentations: What to expect and how to nail them

interviews job search Mar 05, 2024
Customer Success Interview Presentations: What to expect and how to nail them




Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Are you ready to nail your next Customer Success Interview Presentation? Well, you are in the right place! In this episode, I'll share some context on what these presentations are, just in case you've not encountered one before. I'll also give you a little heads-up on the most common interview presentations that I see. 

I'm also going to talk about the grading criteria behind presentations, meaning what hiring teams are assessing you on, what you could lose points for without even realizing, what you could gain points for, and what will make you stand out. I'm also gonna call out some of the biggest ‘gotchas’ that I see, things that candidates mess up all the time so that you can avoid those things.

Get ready to arm yourself with actionable tips that will help you ace your next presentation.


Topics covered in Customer Success interview presentations:

  • The ability to follow directions and how to use the prompts you’re given for the presentation as a scorecard
  • How to be resourceful in seeking out information from various channels and knowing when to ask questions
  • What to pay attention to when it comes to your communication skills including the flow of your presentation and using storytelling  
  • What exactly hiring teams are looking for when it comes to your presentation skills or executive presence 
  • Why you should be worrying less about having all the answers and worry more about showing off how you can interact with your customers
  • The silliest thing I see lot of candidates lose points for when it comes to their meeting facilitation skills
  • The importance of detail-oriented presentation elements such as spelling, number of slides and the use of animations and company branding 
  • How to show that you are resourceful and creative, especially when it comes to driving customer adoption
  • Why hiring teams love candidates who are consultative and I’m spilling one of my favorite tricks when it comes to doing discovery in your presentations
  • How to use emotional intelligence in your presentations to stand out and create more substantial connections


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