8 Tips to Make More Money in Your Customer Success Career

professional development Mar 26, 2024
8 Tips to Make More Money in Your Customer Success Career




Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

It’s okay to be motivated by money, but I understand that the topic can often make us uncomfortable. So, how do you get ahead financially in your career? In this episode, I have put together my 8 tips for making more money in your Customer Success career. 

I will give you a very light introduction to the topic of money, specifically talking about things you can do to maximize your pay throughout your career. You will walk away with 8 simple actions that you can start implementing today. These actions will, over time, get you closer to your financial goals as they relate to your career.

So tune in and learn how to talk money and make money in your Customer Success career!


Topics covered on Customer Success career: 

  • Creating consistency throughout your career by sticking to a specific niche or domain of Customer Success to build up your credibility
  • The impact of avoiding financial discussions on career growth
  • What steps you can take to approach salary discussions with realistic expectations and strategies to achieve the best outcome for your career
  • The importance of aligning your goals with those of your company’s leaders
  • My top tips for first-time negotiators to set realistic goals
  • How to become an expert at interviewing through storytelling and being able to confidently talk through your experience gaps
  • When to know its time to leave your company 
  • Where to get an unbiased opinion on your current salary level


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