How to avoid a bad fit role (PART TWO)

interviews job search Jun 11, 2024
How to avoid a bad fit role (PART TWO)




Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

How to avoid a bad fit role: Sounds simple, right? Yet many job seekers struggle with it. In this episode, I’m sharing actionable insights from my experience working with professionals to help you dodge the dreaded "bad fit." We'll cover key strategies for navigating job interviews with purpose and precision, focusing on the right questions to ask about data availability, tools, and company culture.

We'll also explore the importance of being proactive and intentional in your job search, like requesting additional interviews and asking for real examples of work-life balance initiatives. This is part two, so make sure to catch up on part one for a comprehensive guide. Tune in and gain the confidence to make informed decisions in your career journey!


Topics covered on how to avoid a bad fit role: 

  • The biggest mistakes job seekers make when it comes to analyzing information online
  • How to sift through job descriptions and Glassdoor reviews effectively and use this information to probe in your interviews 
  • How to use LinkedIn to gauge upward mobility and employee retention
  • Why you should seek examples when asking questions in interviews and during networking
  • How to spot red flags in job descriptions and interviews
  • Examples of how you can be turning your generic questions into specific questions that will give you honest answers


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