Master this interview technique and be a standout candidate every time

interviews job search Apr 02, 2024
Master this interview technique and be a standout candidate every time





Here’s what you can expect from this episode:

Do you struggle with interviewing? Have you fallen into memorizing the answers to every possible interview question? Then this episode is for you, as I am sharing something I haven’t shared in my free content. 

In this episode, we're exploring an advanced interviewing skill: tailoring your interview preparation to suit each unique stage and interviewer. Whether it's your initial phone screen with a Recruiter or a crucial later-round interview with a Hiring Manager, we'll guide you on adjusting your approach for maximum impact. Learn to navigate these distinct conversations with strategic insight, making every interaction more effective and memorable.

So, whether you are looking to brush up on your interviewing skills or prepare for your first interview, there is something here for you. Tune in and learn how to leave a lasting impression with this interview technique.


Topics covered on interview techniques:

  • The most common mistake I see people make when it comes to interviews and why it is a problem 
  • The one thing you need to be thinking about when getting ready to do a phone screen with a Recruiter that will advance you into the next round of interviews
  • Why as a candidate you need to clearly illustrate how you'd operate in the new role when preparing for a Hiring Manager interview 
  • What are cross-functional teams and why you need to tailor the way you position your experience to meet their needs


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